Ubuntu – Ubuntu 17.10 and later: can’t change the input switching shortcut to alt+shift


When I try to set the default combo for switching to different language layouts in my keyboard from Shift+Super+Space to Alt+Shift I can't.

I used to have this combo since Ubuntu 14 and even before that when I used to have Windows. Now for some stupid reason it does not allow (actually nothing happens its not like I get an error or the combo is used elsewhere). How could I bypass this bug?

Best Answer

  • You may use (GNOME) Tweaks to achieve your goal. First install it by running

    sudo apt install gnome-tweaks

    (on Ubuntu 18.04 and later) or

    sudo apt install gnome-tweak-tool

    Launch Tweaks and go to Keyboard & Mouse section. Click on the "Additional Layout Options".

    enter image description here

    A new window should pop up. Look for "Switching to another layout" and expand it. Then check the "Alt+Shift" option.

    enter image description here