Ubuntu – UBUNTU 17.10: Issue with kvm switch


I had Ubuntu 17.04 running on a spare desktop, DELL 7010 (12G RAM) x64.

Had been working fine, so when prompted to upgrade given other Ubuntu upgrades have gone fine – I OKed it.

Since the upgrade a few things are happening. The main one is I have few machines which I'm using KVM switch. The Ubuntu is acting like when I switch away, I've logged off. When I come back I'm at a login screen and when I sign in I have to restart all my applications. (Initially I thought it was maybe going a sleep).

I've check power settings – set to not go off.
I turned off screen lock to see if that would make a difference.
I set blank screen to NEVER.

When I look at the directory /var/crash – I see new files created.

I looked at them, didn't mean a lot to me.

Happy to post the content but I thought I would ask if there is setting I've missed to start or it's a bigger problem. Tried doing some googling without much luck.

Running app wise when it stop: BOINC and Firefox normally. Maybe gimp.
On 17.04 I had been running Conky but it didn't appear to be working in 17.10 and given my other problems I've not worried about it.

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