Ubuntu – Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS slow boot after installing Kali Linux (Triple Boot)


I had Ubuntu 18.04.3 dual boot with Windows 10 (Windows is on 2nd drive) and never had a issue with slow booting time. After installing Kali Linux on the same drive where Ubuntu is installed, Ubuntu boot time increased about 1 min, before it was 10 or 20 sec. Below is the drive info on which both OS are installed

gparted screenshot

Kali Linux: /dev/sda3
Kali linux-swap: /dev/sda4
Ubuntu: /dev/sda6
Ubuntu linux-swap: /dev/sda5

What should I do to fix the boot time?

Best Answer

  • Kali linux probably formatted the swap partition, and your Ubuntu is looking (and waiting) for the old swap UUID to appear, before eventually timeout occurs & it gives up (thus slower boot).

    You need to change the UUID's for your old swap partition to match your new UUID.

    As windows doesn't use a "linux" swap partition, it's boot-up speed will be normal, it was Kali that made the change so it's aware of it - thus why Ubuntu only is slower.

    Use blkid to view your block devices ID's; then check what UUID's are listed in your file system table (/etc/fstab), eg. grep UUID /etc/fstab checking to see if the UUID= match what prior blkid showed.

    I suspect your swap will contain a UUID that you don't have, this needs to be changed. (ie. edit /etc/fstab in the Ubuntu partition). fyi: you need to elevate privileges to edit files in /etc.

    You provided in comments

    /dev/sda5: UUID="5dd061d5-d325-4bcc-83b2-fd1ed516e8cc" TYPE="swap"
    /dev/sda6: UUID="eadf1edf-19b3-4693-8551-6176e4bbed88" TYPE="ext4" 
    UUID=eadf1edf-19b3-4693-8551-6176e4bbed88 / ext4 errors=remount-ro 0 1
    UUID=484A-BF6F /boot/efi vfat umask=0077 0 1
    UUID=UUID=42a3362f-6945-43a2-8d36-ee195c856094 none swap sw 0 0

    so you need to ensure "UUID=5dd061d5-d325-4bcc-83b2-fd1ed516e8cc" is in your Ubuntu /etc/fstab, ie. replace the "42a3362f-6945-43a2-8d36-ee195c856094" with "5dd061d5-d325-4bcc-83b2-fd1ed516e8cc"

    Note: there is an extra "UUID=" in there, I'm assuming is a typo, as it shouldn't be there, ie. UUID=UUID= is invalid. Please edit your question in future and add additional information there, we can help format it in questions/answers

    Also please note: One benefit of a swap partition is it can be used by any GNU/Linux, ie. Kali can use one created by Ubuntu and vice-versa. In fact nearly every Linux will use any swap partitions it finds which is why your 'Ubuntu' swap was re-formatted by Kali as it claimed 'ownership'. The benefit of this (I'm a dual booter to of two Ubuntu's) is my one swap partition in my case can be used by my Ubuntu 18.04 & my 19.10 (for you it'll be Ubuntu & Kali sharing); reducing disk space needed for 'swap'. If swapfiles were used, they wouldn't be sharing the space. The only drawback is it'll mean you can't hibernate one to use the other, but I don't do that (and I bet you're current setup may not allow for that anyway)