Ubuntu – Ubuntu 18.04 – “Activation of network connection failed Ubuntu”


I have IPVanish as my VPN provider, and usually I could connect without problem to almost all of their servers with Ubuntu 18.04.

But since a couple weeks, every time I try to log into their VPN, I get the following notification:

Activation of network connection failed Ubuntu

I am quite unsure as what do to from this point, since as you see there is not a lot of feedback from the system.

Does anyone has an idea what could I do to solve it?

Footnote: I know I do not provided much info, but it is all I got. If you need any additional information to debug this case, please add it on the comments and I will dump the terminal output right away.

Update 1: I already tried contacting the provider. They keep sending me emails, but they seem quite lost.

Update 2: The configuration of the VPNs is done automatically by importing a .ovpn file. I tried deleting all the existing ones, and reset them from scratch, and it did not help.

Update 3: They use OpenVPN.

Best Answer

  • I found the solution looking at the syslog

    sudo tail -f /var/log/syslog

    Apparently the .crt file with the certificate was inside a folder with spaces in the name, and that was causing the error. The moment I removed the spaces from the path to the file, it worked on the first try.

    Weird bug, but it solved it.

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