Ubuntu – Ubuntu 18.04 can’t write on NTFS partition


I have a dual boot (windows 10 and Ubuntu 18.04) laptop. I wan to keep a separate partition common to both operating systems.

I formatted that partition as NTFS form windows, Then I could only read it from Ubuntu. I could not write on it.
Then I formatted it Using Ubuntu. After that I could read and write using Ubuntu. Later, I saved some file on it using windows. Then after I got the same problem. Now I cant write on it using Ubuntu.

I reinstalled ntfs-3g, but could not solve the problem. What can I do to solve it?

Best Answer

  • your windows is putting the "read-only" flag on all detectable ntfs partitions everytime it shuts down or reboots.

    If you don't want it to do that, boot to your windows, open up a administator powershell (to do that find powershell in start, right click on it, then select "run as Administrator").

    then type :

    powercfg -h off