Ubuntu – Ubuntu 18.04 doesn’t see the HP scanner


I have a HP 3630 all in one printer/scanner and it was working great on Ubuntu 16.04 with the HP Print manager. Now I did a clean and fresh install Ubuntu 18.04 and the printing work fine, but example Sane (or other scan software) can't find the device.

error message

I have installed hplip 3.18.4 that I found on the HP website, but still nothing. Even to add a printer in the HP manager didn't work.
In the WiFi I tried the WIFI-direct to connect with the printer and that works fine also, but the scan is not seen.

What to do to make scanning work on Ubuntu 18.04?

Best Answer

  • I have just finished a long install/uninstall session in order to solve similar scanning problem. I can not say this is the best approach but I can give a few points I hope this saves someone time.

    • I have disabled cups auto adding of printers during this process, not sure this is important.

    • I have installed an older version of HPLIP 3.17.11. Even if it says that is doesn't support Ubuntu 18.04, this version is working... at least for my printer.

    • During installation, automatic is selected and I have opted out for HPLIP updates.

    • After installation, I have installed hp-plugin with command

      hp-plugin -i 
    • Scanner at this point started working if I start simple-scan as a root.

    • Need for that was fixed by executing

      chmod 755 /var/lib/hp

    For me that was all.

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