Ubuntu – Ubuntu 18.04: Save and Restore Workspace Layout (w/ Multiple Workspaces)


I am using a large 4K monitor with multiple work spaces each having multiple applications. When rebooting Ubuntu 18.04, the locations of the application windows are lost and it takes me several minutes to reconfigure them. How can I save and recover the window positions within the work spaces?

Best Answer

  • The Gnome Extension "Auto Move Windows" will move applications to a specified workspace when they are opened. The location of the application windows within the workspace are also remembered. See, https://extensions.gnome.org/extension/16/auto-move-windows/

    Note that there are solutions for prior versions of Ubuntu (w/ Unity) that use scripts. However, Ubuntu switched back to using Gnome in 18.04. (e.g., Saving and restoring window positions and How can I start up an application with a pre-defined window size and position?)

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