Ubuntu – Ubuntu 18.04 “Super+O” can’t trigger shortcut event


I'm using Ubuntu 18.04 and I used xmodmap to changed left Alt as "Meta_L" and bind it solely to "mod4" (meaning I did remember to remove "Mod1" from Meta_L), the end result is left Alt behaves like "Command" in Mac OS so I can use the same keyboard shortcuts of IntelliJ and Sublime Text as I do in Mac OS.

However I found out that for whatever reason, "Super + O ('Oh' not '0')" or "Super + Shift + O" binding can't produce the shortcut event. At the same time "Super + B", "Super + Shift + up" and etc. all work as expected.

I was wondering if "Super + O" is system shortcut that override the application shortcut but after some research I can't find any.

At last, I used the same technique in Ubuntu 16.04 too and every thing works as expected.

Hope someone can share their experience and idea on this, thanks a lot!

Best Answer

  • I ran into this problem (Ubuntu 19.10) and found this page. I was trying to use Super+O for a shortcut but it didn't work. Thanks to Anbu's answer showing gsettings I was able to figure out what was grabbing the key:

    (for schema in $(gsettings list-schemas); do gsettings list-recursively $schema; done) | grep '<Super>o'

    It showed org.gnome.settings-daemon.plugins.media-keys rotate-video-lock-static ['<Super>o'] so I removed it with

    gsettings set org.gnome.settings-daemon.plugins.media-keys rotate-video-lock-static []

    I restarted and was able to use the key again. I found lots more unwanted bindings with

    (for schema in $(gsettings list-schemas); do gsettings list-recursively $schema; done) | grep '<Super>'

    and then removed them with gsettings set …