Ubuntu – Ubuntu 18.10 stuck at initialising ramdisk after fresh install and subsequent update/`sudo apt upgrade`; Potential broken package



  • Asus Zenbook 14 UX433FN (NVMe PCIe SSD)
  • Ubuntu 18.10 and Windows 10 dual boot, Windows 10 working fine.


Today my Ubuntu 18.10 suddenly gave me a "purple screen of death" after I closed my laptop lid (ie. it couldn't wake up from suspend).

After which, I forced shutdown and tried to reboot (both normally and with recovery mode), and both times it got stuck at
Loading initial ramdisk...

Quirky Behaviour

After this I successfully reinstalled Ubuntu 18.10 using CD. TWICE.

Each time, after successfully installing graphics drivers and everything, Ubuntu automatically prompts me to do security updates etc. Before installing updates, I can use and boot into Ubuntu normally.

BUT after installing these updates successfully, and rebooting, I get stuck at Loading initial ramdisk... again.

After my third re-installation, I decided to do sudo apt upgrade from command line directly instead of the GUI as I did previously.

I got the same error again!

This hints at the possibility of a bug or broken package in the apt repository. As this is a fresh Ubuntu 18.10 install, this is extremely puzzling.

Resolution attempts

  1. Use LiveCD as per
  2. Update kernels before installing.
  3. Replacing quiet splash with nomodeset.

Why is this so? Is there a bug in the update repositories somewhere?

I can use Ubuntu without updating of course, but this leaves my computer vulnerable to security issues. In the long-run, being afraid of updating the computer lest I get this same error is quite stupid.


A bug report has been filed. Apparently I'm not the only one affected.


Apparently acpi_osi=off might work.

Potential Fix:

Apparently, this might be due to a known bug in Asus.

Check out bug report: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/1829620

Several solutions might be found there.