Ubuntu – Ubuntu 18.10 – Unattended-upgrades-shutdown –wait-for-signal


I have a process as listed in htop under Command stating the following:


Judging by the:


and some researching about what unattended-upgrades is, it makes me think there's something else that needs to be updated so i tried shutting down the server a couple of times, running:

 sudo unattended-upgrade

and following these steps but it's still there even though the system is up-to-date.

Is it just there to check for when there's another upgrade to be done?

Should i worry about it or just leave it be?

Thanks in advance.

Best Answer

It's a safety feature. Leave it alone.

Apt data (packages and metadata) can be corrupted if apt happens to be running when the system halts (shuts down). The unattended-updates-shutdown script temporarily inhibits a shutdown signal until apt finishes.

The script cannot prevent corruption due to a sudden power loss, or holding the power button, while apt happens to be running. Another reason to avoid those, and to keep regular backups.

The script is in Python, including the developer's comments. Feel free to read it and see for yourself.

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