Ubuntu – Ubuntu 18 how to change screenshot application to Flameshot


I needed to highlight some text in my screenshots and I did not know how to do it with the default screenshot app.
Flameshot is a solution. I installed it.

How can I replace the PrtScr shortcut-key so that it launches Flameshot?

Best Answer

  • If you need or want to replace the PrtScr shortcut do the following:

    1. Release the PrtScr binding by this command

      gsettings set org.gnome.settings-daemon.plugins.media-keys screenshot '[]'
    2. Go to Settings -> Devices -> Keyboard and scroll to the end. Press + and you will create custom shortcut.

    3. Enter name: "flameshot", command: /usr/bin/flameshot gui.

    4. Set shortcut to PrtScr (print).

    That is it. Next time you push PrtScr flameshot will be launched.

    Source: Posted in the question by OP which should have been posted as an answer instead.

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