Ubuntu – ubuntu 18 save session not working


I am using ubuntu 18, and need to be able to shutdown the pc, and keep the apps working for the next time I start the pc.

I've tried to allow hibernation and set up the shutdown button to hibernate, when I use it and turn the pc on, everything is closed, no application remain running.

I've tried to switch "save gnome session" on, using the dconf editor, and still, no luck. I turned it on and nothing remains open when I shutdown the machine.

How can I get that results?


Best Answer

You can't from a normal Ubuntu since there is no save session as it is deemed a flawed feature and that is was not fixable. So it got removed in 2011: see this and this. But you can by using an extension. You will need this dependency:

npm install -g linux-window-session-manager

and then install Window Session Manager Gnome Shell extension from the Gnome extensions website. From the link:

An indicator that let's you save and restore your open apps and the window positions and arrangements over multiple real and virtual displays. Requires lwsm and nodejs to be installed (npm install -g linux-window-session-manager).

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