Ubuntu – Ubuntu 19.04 – Lock screen shortcut doesn’t work


After upgrade to 19.04 keyboard shortcut (Super + L) doesn't work anymore – means nothing happens. I've tried to change the shortcut to different combination and it's the same. Other shortcuts (e.g. Super + A) work well.

I can lock session via menu item (lock icon) but it's a bit annoying.

I am using Gnome on Wayland.

Any tips where to look? Thanks.

Best Answer

In my case I was using lightdm and screen lock is disabled in it due security issues. Read more here

You can check you display manager with: sudo systemctl status display-manager

If you still want to lock your screen with lightdm - you can use dm-tool lock. Also you can add it to keyboard shortcut as command (e.g. Super+L).

Switching to gdm3 helped: sudo dpkg-reconfigure gdm3