Ubuntu – Ubuntu 20.04 fresh installation Microphone not working


I just installed Ubuntu 20.04 and the microphone is not working. It is recording only static noise.

Best Answer

    • Install pavucontrol: sudo apt install pavucontrol
    • Run it: pavucontrol
    • Open Input Devices tab and check if it is not muted

    enter image description here

    • Install vokoscreen recorder: sudo apt install vokoscreen
    • Go to Microphone tab, enable Audio, check your recording audio device and try to record something with it

    enter image description here

    On vokoscreen's tab you have two options: Pulse and Alsa. Try if you could use either of them for audio recording.

    To check if your microphone is working, use the next commands:

    to enable microphone listening

    pactl load-module module-loopback latency_msec=2

    to disable microphone listening

    pactl unload-module module-loopback

    You could also run alsamixer and check if your Mic is not muted and has at least half of its volume. Use F6 keyboard button to switch to other audio adapter if you have more than one.

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