Ubuntu – Ubuntu 20.04 Performing Very Slow


I have just installed a fresh copy of Ubuntu 20.04 and I'm noticing that it is very slow. Firefox takes at least 4 seconds to launch and even sudo commands in terminal take around 2 seconds before executing.

I was using Ubuntu 19.10 before this and it was quite fast in comparison to this. I have not changed hardware nor have I installed anything that I didn't have before.

Is anyone else experiencing this? How can I increase the performance?

EDIT (Solution):

I have finally fixed this issue, instead of installing Ubuntu 20.04 directly, I installed Ubuntu 19.10 like I had before and then did a release upgrade and now everything is just as snappy before but with all the latest features. Not sure why the Ubuntu 20.04 fresh install was slow, but I'm happy that this has finally been fixed. Thanks for all the replies, they were very informative.

Best Answer

  • I also installed 20.04 and it became unbearably slow after I configured the system to use the proprietary Nvidia drivers (NVIDIA driver metapackage from nvidia-driver-390). If you did that, perhaps you can try reverting to the default drivers by searching for [Software & Updates] and then go to the [Additional Drivers] to using X.Org X Server. I also turned off animation using the Gnome Tweak Tool. Quite snappy now!