Ubuntu – Ubuntu additional drivers | amd64-microcode


In Software & Updates | Additional Drivers (where I select the AMD graphics drivers) I see a new entry:

This device is not working.

With two options:

[ ] Using Processor microcode firmware for AMD CPUs from amd64-microcode (proprietary)
[*] Do not use the device

Is the "device is not working" line saying don't enable this option because it doesn't work anyway or maybe you should enable it because the (cpu) device is not working correctly?

Best Answer

Your CPU is working fine. This just lets you download a later microcode and update it; this microcode for the CPU is proprietary so it shows up in the dialog for drivers.

There is an actual bug here but it is that this program produces a false alarm that implies your cpu is not working. Here's the bug on Launchpad (1444682).

Your CPU is probably fine either with or without it but it is the text in the GUI dialog is raising a false alarm that is the problem.