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I've seen some popular E-Commerce sites selling Ubuntu Desktop DVD's of both the 64Bit and 32Bit Architecture.I want to install a 32Bit version on a system as It is old and can support only 32 bit version has only 2GB RAM and AMD Athlon X2 270 processor.Do I need to download It and check How To MD5SUM before burning a CD for installation?

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Make a DVD or USB yourself in Windows

If you're using Windows,You can follow these steps.

A dual core computer isn't really "old", possibly a little slow for Unity, but definitely not too old for a DE like XFCE, LXDE (Lubuntu or Ubuntu help on Lubuntu), etc... just get the 32-bit version (if your CPU really can't run 64-bit, but the 32-bit is usually lighter on ram anyway).

Try running the live versions of a few distros (could browse http://www.distrowatch.com for "old computer" or "beginner" ones) and pick one you like. But don't get fooled by the slow DVD or USB read times.

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