Ubuntu – Ubuntu Desktop Installation Partition Sizing Formula


I want to reinstall Ubuntu from scratch.

I have read (here and here) that it is recommended to have 3 partitions for the desktop installation: root, home and swap as having a separate home and root can simplify the process if you want to upgrade or reinstall Ubuntu (if you break something by mistake).

But there is no type of formula (that I can find) on how big each partition should be.
I know this is somewhat dependant on what you plan to install. I want to have flexibility down the line to install new software without having to worry about shifting the partition sizes around.

Does anyone know of a formula or percentage breakdown that they have used to successfully calculate partition sizes?

i.e. x% of space will be allocated to the swap, y% of space to the root partition and z% of space to the home partition

Best Answer

  • To my experience a formula describing partition sizes in % are no use here. Absolute values I would recommend are

    • 4 GB Swap
    • 10-15 GB for OS depending on how much software you want to install
    • the rest for the home partition.

    It should be sufficient for beginner to experienced user, I don't know what exact demands real power users have.