Ubuntu – Ubuntu-device-flash not working with BQ Aquaris E5


I'm using Ubuntu 16.04 to try and flash my (currently) Android phone with Ubuntu Touch. All was going well until I tried to use ubuntu-device-flash which doesn't seem to be working.
I am using the latest version from ppa:phablet-team/tools
The phone is a BQ Aquaris E5, and I have booted it into the bootloader.
adb says the device is |MSM8916| but there doesn't seem to be an image for this, so I have been trying to use |vegetahd| instead.

$ sudo ubuntu-device-flash touch --channel=ubuntu-touch/stable/bq-aquaris.en --bootstrap --device=vegetahd
2016/07/19 21:41:36 Device is |vegetahd|
2016/07/19 21:41:36 Flashing version 13 from ubuntu-touch/stable/bq-aquaris.en channel and server https://system-image.ubuntu.com to device vegetahd
67.93 MB / 67.93 MB [=====================================================>_] 100.00 % 239.00 KB/s
70.78 MB / 70.78 MB [=======================================================] 100.00 % 225.58 KB/s
293.25 MB / 293.25 MB [=====================================================] 100.00 % 533.47 KB/s
Can't boot recovery image

This thread suggests giving ubuntu-device-flash an explicit recovery image.

How do I use ubuntu-device-flash with the BQ Aquaris E4.5 and Aquaris E5

I've tried that, but I get exactly the same. ubuntu-device-flash is just totally ignoring the --recovery-image argument: I get exactly the same output whether or not I give it an image file that exists.
Am I doing something wrong?

Best Answer

  • your phone, I’m afraid, has the wrong chip set, see also my statement here:


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