Ubuntu – Ubuntu doesn’t detect the ATI VGA card, only Intel, using ‘lspci | grep VGA’ & ‘sudo lshw -C video’


I'm sporting a Lenovo G570 Laptop with a dedicated ATi Radeon (6347) HD 1GB VGA card

For the last 5 days I've been trying to install ATI Proprietary drivers to make full use of it:
I tried almost every way there is & continuing with this method

However, when installing the packages & typing sudo aticonfig --initial -f; I get the error that no supported devices detected.

Using lspci | grep VGA & sudo lshw -C video to determine what VGA cards are detected, it only shows that the system detects only the integrated Intel graphics card, not the ATi HD dedicated card.

Help please?


sorry to bother y'all, I turned it off by mistake from BIOS; i didn't know coz my bios had only 2 options: Switchable Graphics or UMA Adapter (integrated Intel)

thanks for the help :)

Best Answer

Well, according to Lenovo's website page there are no G570 model with an ATI card, I would say that is fine, as long as you don't think there is an ATI one inside when you buy it.

This is also true in the tech specs documentation, there is no G570 with an integrated ATI card.

Some laptops have an option on the BIOS to set which graphics card is in use (both, intel or only ATI), check if that is the case with you. If the card is present on the system and working (not broken) it should be detected by the OS, no matter what driver is installed, a driver cannot break that.