Ubuntu – Ubuntu hangs after last update upgrade


I recently installed Ubuntu 20.04 LTS and update and upgrade it and just installed vlc.

after I reboot my PC and log in again everything is fine but it hangs if I go and click to open file manager or terminal or anything it will stuck and nothing works and some parts of my monitor start blinking then I cant just reset the system.
Is this problem from the last update?
how I can dis upgrade and back to the last version?
please help.

Best Answer

There have been several questions about this same problem posted at Ask Ubuntu today. From the recent update history it could be caused by either a kernel update or an Nvidia proprietary graphics driver update. Your computer doesn't have an Nvidia graphics processor, so try booting with an earlier kernel version. Select Advanced options for Ubuntu in the grub boot menu and boot with an earlier kernel version.

If this solves the problem then make it so that you don't have to select that older kernel version every time you want to boot Ubuntu. Make a note of which kernel version was causing the problem. Uninstall the kernel version that was causing the problem. Then prevent the older kernel version from upgrading to it again by following the instructions in the answers to Blacklist only one specific version of a package for upgrades.

Alternatively there is already a new kernel in both focal-proposed and groovy-proposed.

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