Ubuntu – Ubuntu Installation stuck on “Restart Now”


I'm trying to install Ubuntu (tried both 16.04 & 17.10) on my new laptop that comes with FreeDOS (MSI GS63VR 16GB GTX 1060).

Installation itself is ok and then I get to the final step where I should press "Restart Now" to use my newly installed Ubuntu.

After I press the button, I get stuck on that screen and the machine doesn't restart. If I force a shutdown and then try to start up again I get to the login page but after filling my password and pressing enter I'm stuck again on a desktop with no icons/pointer/anything.

I haven't done anything out of the ordinary in the installation process, I'm not doing dual boot or anything. I found this issue which seems to be just like mine but there's no solution.

Any thoughts?

EDIT: Previous boot configuration was Legacy and I've just tried UEFI + Disabled Secure Boot and got the same results, stuck on restart now/login page.