Ubuntu – Ubuntu ISO with make and gcc


Are there any ubuntu ISO's that you can boot with that already have make and/or gcc (or other c++ compilers) installed?
I have successfully installed the ubuntu 18.04.2 version onto my XPS 7590, but the killer wifi card does not work. I researched ahead and knew this would be a problem and found the solution here: https://support.killernetworking.com/knowledge-base/killer-ax1650-in-debian-ubuntu-16-04/. Using this guide, I downloaded the suggested git repositories to a usb, but was disappointed to find that the ISO of ubuntu 18.04.2 did not include an install of make! When I got a GNU of make, I was frustrated when I found out it doesn't even include gcc! As far as I can tell it is extremely difficult to install these modules without internet – which I need the modules to be able to install the drivers to use my internet so… It's been a very frustrating catch 22. I honestly don't understand why such useful modules would not be included in the first place, but maybe that's my naivety.

Best Answer

You can make a list of the packages you need to install by running the following command:

apt-get --simulate install build-essential 2>&1 | grep "^  [a-z0-9]" | sed 's/^T.*$//g;s/ /\n/g' | tee packages.txt

A copy of this list will be in your ~/Downloads directory if you need it.

Then, you can go to a working computer and you can download each package on the list by using the following url (replacing "packagename" with the actual package):


Here is an example of the url to download make:


Just click on one of the listed mirrors to download.

Don't forget to also download build-essential!

You will need to copy all of the downloaded packages (as root user) to the following directory:


Finally, you can run the following commands to install the packages:

sudo apt-get install build-essential