Ubuntu – Ubuntu not booting due to iwlwifi error-BIOS contains WGDS but no WRDS


I updated Ubuntu 20.04 to 5.4-40 kernal update, since then I am unable to boot up into ubuntu.
I am having Windows 10 and ubuntu dual-booted.
This is while bootup.

Best Answer

  • I had the exact same problem. Turns out the reason was that I had removed a couple of packages (evolution-data-server and evolution-data-server-common) and that caused apt to also remove key desktop packages.

    To fix it, I booted into recovery mode, then chose Enable network. After that, Drop to root shell prompt.

    Then reinstalled the desktop packages with apt install ubuntu-desktop

    That's it!

    When the installation completed, I rebooted and everything went back to normal.

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