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I want to try ubuntu for first time , I am a total noob and not used any Linux distros before what I want to ask is I want to create a bootable live usb with ubuntu but i am creating it on a usb 2.0 so will it be very slow, I also want to add persistence to it and also can it delete or affect any data on my main hardrive when using ubuntu on my persistent live usb as i am a noob and don't want to destroy my windows and other files.

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  • I ran not only live USB but also complete installed Ubuntu from USB 2.0. It woks fine for most of the time.

    making a live USB do not make any change to your present system. because you just write a ISO image on a USB using software like Unetbootin. During booting you have to select boot from USB option.

    If you want a persistent system you have to install complete Ubuntu on a USB or Hard disk. Live USB do not save changes.

    The installation of Ubuntu or any other OS only erase/ destroy data from your existing OS Hard Disk if you select to overwrite that disk. If you take care and install Ubuntu properly on another disk/ partition your existing OS shall be intact.

    In some cases of dual Boot like Ubuntu and Windows some may face Boot problem. That can be repaired using Boot-Repair from Live USB.

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