Ubuntu – Ubuntu One: can this be used for backups


Just setup a laptop with Ubuntu 10.10 and noticed that Ubuntu's offering a free cloud-based sync service with 2GB of storage. What protocols/methods does Ubuntu One support for connectivity? i.e. can I mount it as a block-device like Elastic Block Storage? SSH? More interested in using it for Ubuntu Server as a cheap off-site backup solution for Webservers, etc.

Best Answer

  • Ubuntu One is not a backup service, and I wouldn't recommend you using it for this.

    Having said that, some people—some Ubuntu One hackers, in fact—do use it for this, but you have to know the limitations of the service in this regard (and I'm not going to explain them here).

    Furthermore, you should be aware that dejà dup is going to be implementing “back up to Ubuntu One”, using our service as the basis for a backup system and not as a backup system per se. This I fully support.

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