Ubuntu – Ubuntu Server live cd rescue mode can’t run fsck


I have an ubuntu server virtual machine that crashed and I was forced to reset the virtual machine. When I booted, it did an automatic fsck, but I want to make sure that the filesystem is ok. I have searched for instructions on how to run fsck from an ubuntu live cd, but none of the instructions work!

The version of the ubuntu server live cd is 10.04.2 and when the live cd menu appears I chose "Rescue mode". I then went through the questions (similar to those during installation) and the final prompt asks you to choose a "device to use as root file system". I read online that I shouldn't mount the root file system if I want to run fsck, so I chose the option "do not use a root file system". Next option I selected was "execute a shell in the installer environment". I now get a command prompt, but when I try to run fsck /dev/sda1 I get "fsck not found".

I'm completely lost and even the "Official Ubuntu Server 2nd edition" book doesn't explain the procedure properly.

I hope someone more knowledgeable can help me out! Thanks.

Best Answer

  • You will have to use the desktop cd (iso). You would boot the live iso with your VM, and run fsck from a terminal.

    The server CD, as you can see, has a very limited "live" environment, and is used primarily for installation.

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