Ubuntu – Ubuntu Software Center missing in 20.04


I just installed Ubuntu 20.04. However, I ran into an issue with Ubuntu Software Center not launching so I removed the snap and reinstalled it using the terminal. But, it was changed to "Snap Store". I tried installing the regular gnome software center using apt (sudo apt install ubuntu-software), but it is showing up as Gnome Software Center without any Ubuntu branding.

Question: How do I get the shortcut for Ubuntu Software Center back? I don't mind if it points to either the snap store or the gnome software center. I'd just like it to have the ubuntu software center branding. Thanks!

Best Answer

Same thing happened to my ubuntu 20.04. The software center just went missing and along came out snap store. When I opened snap store, it is very similar with software center and it is doing the same job well. I think it snap store is now the de facto replacement for software center.