Ubuntu – Ubuntu Software Center not recognising the network connection


I have installed Oneiric Beta on my laptop. As my Mobile Broadband refused to connect to Internet through network manager I'm now using wvdial to connect. Hence the network manager shows I'm not connected to any networks. When I try to install software from Ubuntu Software Center the 'Install' option remains disabled and under reviews section it says no network connection! As a workaround I kept installing applications from terminal which works fine.

Therefore, my question is how to make Software Center recognize that I am connected to Internet?

Best Answer

  • You can't ... yet.

    Please file a bug for both these issues: it's definitely an issue to not be able to override what NetworkManager tells Software Center, and it's also an issue that NetworkManager can't handle your Mobile Broadband connection.

    As a workaround, if you're not using one of your connections, you could add dummy entries to /etc/network/interfaces to trick NetworkManager into thinking you're online. The way to do this:

    auto eth0
    iface eth0 manual

    If you don't need to use your wired connection. Then reboot or restart NetworkManager. Of course this will break it for when you really need to use it :(