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I'm in Ubuntu 12.04. I'm already logged in to an Ubuntu One account. I'm trying to install software from the Ubuntu software center. It's asking me for my Ubuntu One login, and then rejecting it. (It does work to log me in to Ubuntu One on this computer, an Android phone, and a Windows 7 computer.) I've tried resetting my password via a "reset password" email link: I get a message that I'm unauthenticated. I've tried cutting and pasting the login code sent via email: the code is not recognized. I've tried creating a new account — something I don't really want to do — it tells me an account already exists for my email address. Help?

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  • I just had this problem when trying to install the "snap" version of vlc.

    I have several machines running 16.04 "Xenial" and on the ones I have tried, when I try to install the snap version of vlc (labeled "nonfree") in the Ubuntu Software utility, the utility puts up a dialog asking for my Ubuntu One email address and password. I have tried numerous times, but the dialog will not accept any of the registered combinations. I used the button on the dialog to reset my password, and the software still does not accept the new password. I confirmed that I am still able to log into the Ubuntu One SSO sites using the new password.

    Here's a workaround -- open up a terminal and you can install a snap package using the command line utilities -- no Ubuntu One password requested.

    $ snap find vlc
    Name  Version  Developer  Notes  Summary
    vlc   daily    videolan   -      The ultimate media player
    $ snap list
    No snaps are installed yet. Try "snap install hello-world".
    $ sudo snap install vlc
    [sudo] password for you:
    110.10 MB / 110.10 MB [==================================] 100.00 % 708.43 KB/s 
    vlc (stable) daily from 'videolan' installed

    You may find that the application doesn't appear in the Ubuntu dock, but if you search for it, open it, and pin it to the dock, it will stay.

    You may also find that the Ubuntu Software utility is confused about whether the application is installed -- I found even when I used Synaptic to make sure I got all the pieces of the "regular" vlc removed, Ubuntu Software now shows BOTH installed.

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