Ubuntu – Ubuntu will NOT load, any method that I try


I tried windows installer, did not work.

USB Drive, did not work.

LiveLinuxUSB, nothing.

CD-ROM, I got somewhere with this actually. By using the other three methods above, a colorful screen would appear. No, IT isn't the Ubuntu screen itself, It's green, blue, all sorts of colors. At first, I load it via CD, the Ubuntu screen does come up, it's purple colored with a few symbols at the bottom. The _ comes up as usual, then the colorful screen comes up, and then after that, It goes to saying VGA cable is not plugged in. I KNOW it's plugged in because I can see Windows 7 just perfectly.

Best Answer

  • Option 1

    Re-download the .ISO from Ubuntu download site, and burn a CD (under your Windows OS). Make sure to verify the checksum, as @Ketan suggests, before burning.

    Then proceed with install.

    Option 2

    Ask a friend. Get them to create a USB install, from their existing Ubuntu machine.

    Both of these methods generally will work, even when nothing else will. Good luck ..

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