Ubuntu – UI feels zoom/magnified after recent UBUNTU 20.04 installation


I had recently dual booted my laptop to Ubuntu 20.04. After the installation, the UI feels magnified and zoom than normal. I checked to see if the accesibility>zoom option was enabled but it turns out to be off.
My screen resolution is set to max available i.e 1366 * 768.

Images: Laptop Display setting screenshot. Available resolution screenshots

Many of the websites that I visit look magnified and zoomed. These websites present me with a vertical scroll bar. The same website using other laptops doesn't present with a vertical scroll bar. Since I had recently installed UBUNTU 20.04. Is there something related to graphics that I have missed out on or any other important installation?
Also in the previous version of UBUNTU 18.04, I had not experienced a similar problem on the same laptop?

Is there any way to solve this zoom and magnified issue? Any help would be welcomed.

Thank you in advance 🙂

The graphic card detail of my laptop is

Intel Corporation UHD Graphics 620 (rev 07)

Best Answer

You can also set your resolution through the xrandr command Open up a terminal using Ctrl Alt t and type xrandr You will get a similar output

output of xrandr

Then see the command structure here


You will find the MONITOR_ALIAS at the location I underlined in red and all SUPPORTED_RESOLUTION will be listed below it. Suppose I want to use 1024x768 I will use the command

xrandr --output XWAYLAND0 --mode 1024x768