Ubuntu – Unable to Boot into Ubuntu after re-installing Windows 7


I installed Ubuntu alongside Windows 7 and everything worked well. But a problem arose where I had to reinstall Windows 7 so I did. But after the install, I am no longer able to boot into Ubuntu, there is no screen that allows any options, it loads directly into Windows 7.

Any solutions to solving this without having to re-install Ubuntu?

When I re-installed Windows 7, I was cautious enough to not install it accidentally on the Ubuntu partition and only install it on the Windows partition.

The Ubuntu partitions and swap area is still there so I believe I haven't lost anything, I'm just unable to boot into Ubuntu.

Best Answer

  • If you have a Ubuntu Live CD , then start Live session .

    In The Live session , open your terminal and type this

    sudo add-apt-repository ppa:yannubuntu/boot-repair && sudo apt-get update

    Give a Enter shot

    and then type this

    sudo apt-get install -y boot-repair && boot-repair

    then it will open boot-repair as shown in image there select Recommended Repair Option . It will do the job of restoring your GRUB and then give a restart . remove your CD . There you go with your GRUB .

    Source :https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair enter image description here

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