Ubuntu – Unable to connect to internet

12.10internet connection

I just upgraded to 12.10. Everything appears to go well but I am unable to connect to the Internet. The LAN is fine and I can view my shared files but no e-mail or access to web pages. My other computer which is running 12.04 or older seems to connect fine. I only upgraded one to make sure things would be ok. I am currently connecting fine with a wireless Windows laptop.

Output from cat /etc/resolv.conf

# Generated by NetworkManager

Best Answer

I meant to post this as comment but I don;t have privileges for that.

resolv.conf must have at least 1 non-local entry for packet routing. Click on the network indicator in the system tray, then click Edit Connections->[Choose your connection (wired or wifi)]-> Edit -> IPv4 settings.

Make sure that the "Method" dropdown shows exactly this value "Automatic". If you set your own DNS servers manually, make sure that the values that you see are identical on both your computers. If you make any changes, save your connection, disconnect and reconnect again to generate a new resolv.conf.