Ubuntu – Unable to install an old NVIDIA driver in Lubuntu


I have a PC equipped with NVIDIA GeForce 7200 GS / 7300 SE and running Lubuntu 20.04.

Recently after immigrating to Lubuntu, NVIDIA started a lot of problems like the screen somehow started to blink or sometimes everything freezes (even mouse/keyboard stop working) and the only way out of it is hard reboot.

As far as I know, Lubuntu by default uses nouveau as graphic driver and when I disabled nouveau (using nouveau.modeset=0 in the grub) apparently all those problems are gone.

lspci -k|grep -EA3 'VGA|3D|Display'01:00.0
04:00.0 VGA compatible controller: NVIDIA Corporation G72 [GeForce 7200 GS / 7300 SE] (rev a1) Subsystem: XFX Pine Group Inc. G72 [GeForce 7200 GS / 7300 SE]                                
Kernel modules: nvidiafb, nouveau

Now I think there is no nouveau neither any other driver because 7200 GS/7300 SE is unsupported and I wasn't able to install any appropriate driver in any possible way. What should I do now? With no driver, can I still use the vga for stuffs like watching HQ movies or playing games as I used to in Win 7?

UPDATE: can't leave it that way; Lubuntu won't start and using the recovery mode I was able to login back. Need a solution!