Ubuntu – Unable to make files executable (on ntfs filesystem mounted as rw)


I'm baffled. I've looked around for awhile on this but nobody seems to have quite the issue I do.

I have an ntfs partition for all of my stuff, and I want to run some programs off of it. However, I keep getting Permission denied.

Very well, I'll try sudo ./eclipse. Nope.

Okay, well, maybe I have to chmod. sudo chmod +x eclipse.
No error. ls -l. eclipse is still -rw-------. What?

Verbose output! sudo chmod -v +x eclipse
Result: mode of 'eclipse' changed from 0600 (rw-------) to 0711 (rwx--x--x)
Yay! Nope, ls -l reveals that it's still -rw-------.

I then open nautilus as root, and find the file, and try to do it from the GUI. Turns out the same thing happens. The "Allow executing file as program" option isn't disabled, but when I tick the box it unticks the moment my mouse leaves. What's going on?

mount reveals that this partition is mounted in rw mode, which I know is important.

fstab line is

UUID="755AF93248ACABD6" /s ntfs rw,auto,users,nls=utf8,umask=007,gid=46 0 0

Best Answer

  • With "ntfs permissions are set at the time of mounting the partition with umask, dmask, and fmask and can not be changed with commands such as chown or chmod."source

    Try changing umask=007 to dmask=027,fmask=037