Ubuntu – unable to mount file shares between two ubuntu machines


I have shared my Videos folder in the home directory of my netbook and am attempting to access it from the new laptop I just got. Samba is installed on both machines, as well as smbclient. File sharing is enabled and I can see the netbook in the "Network" entry of nautilus, but when I attempt to open the computer to access the shared folder I receive the error:

"Unable to mount location DBus error org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.NoReply: Message did no receive a reply (timeoutby message bus)"

A timeout error seems odd since it appears instantly. This occurs on both machines (e.g. I share a file on the laptop and attempt to open it from the netbook).

Best Answer

Connect each computer to the internet and install the 'ssh' package. Then plug the computers directly into each other.

On computer A, do this: sudo ip addr add dev eth0

On computer B, do this: sudo ip addr add dev eth0

Then you can mount the filesystem over sftp in nautilus and copy that way just like you would between drives. On the computer you want to run the copy from, open nautilus and Click Go -> Location... In the address bar put sftp://<username you want to access files as>@<other computer's ip address . So, for example, if you are on computer A and computer B has the user 'james' you could do something like this: sftp://james@ and press enter. It should ask for your password for the james user on computer B and then it should show the files on computer B. Copy and Paste the files to where you want them.