Ubuntu – Unity crashing with amd drivers


I recently installed Ubuntu. I am currently trying to install graphics drivers for my GPU. But my case may be a bit different, I have an APU A10-7770K and a graphics card Radeon R7 250X. I tried many, many times to get my rig run properly, with the package manager : apt-get install fglrx, apt-get install fglrx-updates. With the automated installer provided by AMD for Linux, with the packages, downloaded from AMD and using the "Additional Drivers". They all install successfully but upon starting the OS, my GUI(Unity) crashes. I've been trying to edit the xorg.conf file, but nothing works. Every time upon error I uninstall all the drivers from recovery mode with networking and root access with apt-get purge fglrx*. I think, maybe the APU is conflicting with the driver. Because these drivers are compatible with the GPU: R7 250X but not the GPU in the APU and if the APU GPU is set to be default this is where the problem may be. Unfortunately I do not know how to check it nor set it. Please give your suggestions.

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  • After many tries and errors I reached a conclusion. Nowadays desktop distoros based on Linux are not compatible enough with all the possible combinations of hardware. I strongly believe that one day a Linux distro with the compatibility of Windows, ease of Mac, speed and power of open source kernel will be made. But today is not the day, so the only possible solution to my answer here is to go back to Windows... I just bought Win 8.1 license. Maybe I will dual boot with Debian. For now, farewell Ubuntu. Looking forward for more compatibility. :)

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