Ubuntu – Unity-like Dashboard for Gnome fallback


Is there any way I can run the Unity dashboard (or something similar, like Bolt for Gnome 3) in Gnome Fallback?

Best Answer

  • Yes there is. You can run unity-2d-shell , just type Alt+F2 then enter in unity-2d-shell and it will give you the Unity 2d launcher and dashboard. To start it on start-up How to start applications at startup?

    Here is a picture of my Gnome fallback (no-effects) session using the unity dash- enter image description here

    Unfortunately the dash is built into the launcher. But you can auto-hide the launcher, and turn down the reveal sensitivity so it be harder to show unless you access the dash.

    I found a way to hack it so the launcher does not appear,

    1. Open the shell.qml to edit, paste this in terminal

      gksudo gedit /usr/share/unity-2d/shell/Shell.qml

    2. Find this code in the file, scroll down a bit-

      LauncherLoader {
              id: launcherLoader
              anchors.top: parent.top
              anchors.bottom: parent.bottom
              width: 65
    3. Change the width: 65 to width: 1

    4. If you had the unity-2d-shell running while making the changes, in terminal do
      killall unity-2d-shell then type Alt+F2 and enter unity-2d-shell to see the change, now the launcher is out of the way, and you can still acess the dash with the Meta (windows) key.