Ubuntu – Unity not showing after 11.04 upgrade. Cannot log out to switch to classic


I have upgraded an old desktop that I use as HTPC from 10.10 to 11.04. It has an old 256MB Nvidia card. After the upgrade ubuntu will boot but all that shows is the wallpaper, no unity, windows, nothing. The problem is I had the box configured to auto login and so now I cannot log out to switch to Classic mode (which I know works because it works on the liveCD!).

How can I log out when I cannot see anything? Terminal will not display. Is there some key combination at boot that will allow me to force it to classic mode (unlikely). Can I boot into a liveCD, mount the hard drive and change some config file to turn off auto login?

Any help much appreciated! I don't want to format the drive and start over!

Best Answer

Try typing CTRL ALT F1 and logging in.

Then type

sudo killall Xorg

this should kill the Xserver and leave you at the login screen.

When selecting your user account, click the Session drop-down at the bottom of the screen and choose Ubuntu Classic