Ubuntu – Unusable space when creating Ubuntu partitions


I 'm installing Ubuntu with a USB stick in a Windows machine. When creating partitions I can only create / partition and /swap partition. I'm unable create the /home partition from rest free space as it displays as unusable. I know that similar questions have been asked. However as I can see there's only one primary partition and others are logical. Can you please help me to proceed with Ubuntu installation as I fairly new to those things.

enter image description here

  free space 105MB
  /dev/sda1 ntfs 41838 Windows
  /dev/sda5 ntfs 41943
  /dev/sda6 ntfs 52427
  /dev/sda7 ntfs 61311

  /dev/sda3 ext4 /  14999MB
  /dev/sda4 swap    4000MB
  Unusable          33429 

Best Answer

It is possible, that Ubuntu installer wants to create one primary partition and then rest of partitions as logical on the extended one. It would be overkill to install both operating system again, I don't recommend it. Instead, prepare partitions for Ubuntu in the Windows partitioning tool (the same you take screenshot from). Don't assign drive letter nor format them, just leave them as RAW partitions. They will be visible in the Ubuntu installer's partitioning tool and you can format them and set their mount points there.