Ubuntu – Unusually hot Asus UX391UA


My newly bought Asus ZenBook S UX391UA runs unusually hot with Ubuntu 18.10. Even in the BIOS the temperature is around 70° after a cold boot, as shown here. After some minutes it normally raises up to 74°-75°. I have a normal room temperature around 21°-23°. The notebook itself is clean.

At some point the preinstalled thermald daemon even forcefully shuts down Ubuntu, preventing it from overheating. Before the shutdown, usually the following appears in the logs:

Package temperature above threshold, cpu clock throttled

The only solution I've found is to remove the thermald package. Didn't observe any undesirable side effects so far.

My BIOS' version is 204. Strangely, ASUS only offers the 202 version on their site.

Does somebody observe the same? Especially the high temperatures in the BIOS.

Best Answer

Yes, I have the same. To avoid this I just install TLP and change in configuration


And now my temperature not raising higher then 70 C.

BTW I have same issue on another Asus UX490UA, same solution helps