Ubuntu – Update Notification not appearing when an update is available


I have a laptop and a PC. On the laptop, whenever an update comes it tells me there is an update in two ways. The first one is a red alert/warning icon in the upper panel. The other one is the notification bubble that mentions there is an update and how many updates are available as seen on this image:

enter image description here

The problem is that on the PC it does not mention any updates, nor does it show a notification bubble saying that I have updates. I have to literally go to the Gear in the top right corner and see if it tells me something like in this image:

enter image description here

As one can see in this second image there is no red alert/warning that I have updates waiting and there is no bubble telling me that there are updates ready.

How can I add this to the PC so I know when updates are available.

Best Answer

To get reminder notifications you can customize ccsm's Unity plugin 'Urgent Animation' setting to 'Wiggle', which will periodically bump the icon out from the launcher and wiggle it, grabbing your attention.

ccsm wiggle setting

Also, whether you do this or not you can look for the update icon on the Unity launcher for information on updates, like in this example where seven updates are available. On my machine, it is only present when there are updates. I believe this is the default configuration.

update icon in launcher

Last, make sure you have the Update Manager set to:

  1. Check for updates daily
  2. Download automatically
  3. Display other updates immediately

enter image description here