Ubuntu – Upgrade popup says the graphic hardware is not supported. Is this true


I have an hp pavilion dv7 with a Radeon HD4200 graphic card. When I try to upgrade i get this message -Your graphics hardware may not be fully supported in Ubuntu 12.10.

Running the 'unity' desktop environment is not fully supported by your graphics hardware. You will maybe end up in a very slow environment after the upgrade. Our advice is to keep the LTS version for now. For more information see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Bugs/UpdateManagerWarningForUnity3D Do you still want to continue with the upgrade?

Should I continue or not?

Best Answer

Well for sure there is no FGLRX driver for your card. Moreover, I have radeon hd4550 and i've noticed performance drop using open source driver. Nothing nightmarish but i was used to more responsive system. So I would advise against an upgrade, at least for some time.

If you are willing to do some experimentation then you can try to downgrade xserver in ubuntu 12.10, so it will support the current FGLRX legacy driver. You can find full instruction here. Be advised that it can create all kinds of problems.