Ubuntu – URL extensions.gnome.org for managing GNOME Extensions not working in any browser


I upgraded my Dell Optiplex 9010 to Ubuntu 18.04 from Ubuntu 16.04. None of my GNOME web-browser-extensions (used for managing and installing extensions) work, neither the ones I have installed on Chromium, Chrome, or Firefox.

This has only been the case since my upgrade from 16.04 to 18.04.

This is what I see in every browser I open the URL on:

Although GNOME Shell integration extension is running, native host connector is not detected.

screenshot of error on extensions.gnome.org

How can I fix this?

Best Answer

  • You need to install chrome-gnome-shell package so that your browser can detect your running GNOME Shell version. To install it run

    sudo apt install chrome-gnome-shell

    Note: Installing GNOME Shell extensions doesn't work with the snap versions of the browser applications. Also since the 19.10 release, Ubuntu offers only the snap version of Chromium, the apt version of Chromium is not available in the standard repos.