Ubuntu – Using Alt + Keycode for accents


In Windows, we can use Alt+Keycode (for example, 130) to get an e acute, but it does not work this way in Ubuntu/Debian.

Is it possible to have the same keycodes work in Ubuntu?

Best Answer

First hold Ctrl+Shift, then tap U and let go. An underlined "u" will appear, to which you can append a combination of characters. Hit enter after that and the new character will appear.

For instance, if I hold Ctrl+Shift and hit U, type e+9, then hit enter, an é appears. If I hit e+8 instead, an è does instead.

You can find the correct combinations using the Character Map program in Accessories. The first "0" or two that you find on certain entries can be dropped (e.g. a ç is listed as 00E7, but you only need to type the e7).

It's a bit odd coming from using the Alt method in Windows, but you'll acclimate quickly.

N.B.: If you need to frequently type many types of accented characters see Adam Byrtek's answer below for a nice method that, while it requires some setting up, can save a lot of time in the long run.