Ubuntu – Very outdated page at wiki.ubuntu.com: What can you do


I found a very outdated page at wiki.ubuntu.com:


The "Istanbul" Screencast software looks dead. The homepage is gone, and not update since 2007.

The wiki page is protected. I can't delete it.

What can I do to clean up the wiki?

(the whole area (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ScreenCasts/) is outdated. Kazam works fine).

Best Answer

There are members of the Ubuntu news team who have rights to edit the wiki. I have rights to edit wiki pages, so if nobody else gets to it before me, I'll take a look at that one when I get home this evening. Right now I'm on my phone at work.

If you'd like to bring it to their attention directly until I get to it this evening, or inquire about joining the news team yourself, you can join the #ubuntu-news channel in the Ubuntu IRC server.