Ubuntu – Very small sized ubuntu distro


I want to create a very small sized ubuntu VM, preferably under 1 GB (500 to 700 MB). What is the way to create the smallest distro?

I tried minimal ubuntu but after installing it was also about 1.5 GB.

Best Answer

  • To put it simply, there's no Ubuntu or Debian based distro that will fit the size requirements you're stating. Not even headless.

    Your closest bet is Damn Small Linux which is a very TINY linux distro. However, it is not Ubuntu nor Debian based, to my knowledge.

    If your intent is to have Ubuntu or Debian, have your VM provision 10GB max for the virtual disk, and let it expand in size as needed - this will give it ample 'space' from the Linux point of view, but it will take at most 10GB + amount of vRAM you assign when you save the system.