Ubuntu – Video editor with recording options


I'm searching for a video editor which would also allow recording from microphone.
It must run in Lubuntu and include 3 features which would work simultaneously:

  1. seeing the video (a moving picture, of course)
  2. seeing and hearing the original audio track
  3. seeing and editing the audio track(s) which I record myself from my microphone

I've already installed many video editors, but not any of them allows me to record my own voice, neither from a built-in microphone, nor from a plug-in one.

I'm not very familiar with all the complicated Linux stuff, so if you do answer, please don't make it too complicated.

Best Answer

  • In my opinion, pretty much the best video-editing program available is Kdenlive:
    Kdenlive Screenshot

    There is Avidemux as well:
    Avidemux screenshot

    And for Audio recording + editing, Audacity is simply brilliant:
    Audacity Screenshot

    If you have problems recording, you may need to select your input device. Install the program needed:

    sudo apt-get install pavucontrol

    You can then open it with pavucontrol, and edit the input devices: enter image description here

    The input device that has the green tick next to it selected is the one that is set to default, so is likely to be the one used by the program.

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