Ubuntu – Vim is still present and executable even after running apt remove and purge on its package

aptcommand lineuninstallvim

I ran the following commands to remove vim.

sudo apt-get remove vim
sudo apt-get purge vim

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The package manager shows it doesn't exist. But when I type in vim and hit enter, it opens vim.
enter image description here

When I type in :echo $VIMRUNTIME, it outputs /usr/share/vim but this folder doesn't exist.
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I tried installing vim but it still refers to this preexisting install (I'm looking for python support and this version doesn't support it).

I've exhausted all the options and unsure of what to try next.

I recently upgraded from Ubuntu 16 to 18.

Best Answer

To find the location of a program, use the whereis command

whereis vim

It should show you if and where it is installed.

Please also note: $VIMRUNTIME is only a directory holding mainly configuration files. Have a closer look here.